What's Hoppinin'?

The Toadstool Pub

​Friday,  June 14th

Kings and Associates


Tabasko Sound Kitchen

7 PM

Saturday,  June 15th

Payton Palooza

2 PM


Davidson County 7 PM

Sunday, June 16th


2 PM

Friday, June 21st

Wild Oats

8 PM

Saturday, June 22nd

Captain Funk and the Groove Funk

8 PM

Sunday,  June 23rd

Wichita Jacks

2 PM

Friday, June 28th

Nic Barnum

8 PM

Saturday, June 29th

Expo 76

8 PM

Sunday, June 30th


2 PM

Friday, July 5th

Illegal Smiles

8 PM

Saturday, July 6th

Bill Uhler

8 PM

Sunday, July 7th

See Alice

2 PM