What's Hoppinin'?

The Toadstool Pub

Thursday, February 13th
Where’s Maggie

8:30 PM

Saturday, February 15th

Zydeco Voodoo

8:30 PM

Sunday, February 16th

Toadstool Pub closing at

4:30 PM

Saturday, February 22nd


4 PM


8:30 PM

Friday, February 28th

DJ Versage
8:30 PM

Saturday, February 29th

Deadly Bungalows

8:30 PM

Sunday, March 1st

Fundraiser for Colleen Martinek

bingo, silent auction

1 PM

Saturday, March 7th

Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames

Saturday, March 14th

(St. Patrick’s Weekend) 

Expo ‘76 with the Total Pro Horns

8:30 PM

Sunday, March 15th 

7th Annual Far North Side St. Pats Parade - Noon

Kids of all ages, well-behaved pets, all are welcome!

Come out and help us to make this on the biggest and best one yet!

Music by Fitz and the Celts - 1 PM

Irish dancers

Tuesday, March 17th

Fitz and the Celts

8:00 PM

Saturday, March 21st 

Roger That

8:30 PM