"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

- Benjamin Franklin

The Toadstool Pub

The five time champion of Bloody Mary Fest, we also offer a wide variety of beer, wine and cocktail selections, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff waiting to fill your glass, and a 21st century environment with "Old World" undertones, you will want to reserve your seat daily!

 Why "The Toadstool?" 
Toadstools have many amazing characteristics:

Toadstools seemingly appear overnight, growing or expanding rapidly, hence the term “mushrooming.”  Toadstools are long-lived...a colony of toadstools in the US is estimated to be at least 2,400 years old and spans an estimated 2,200 acres! Toadstools are regularly researched for their medicinal as well as immunity enhancing properties. Toadstools figure prominently in literature and folk stories suggesting a mythical, ethereal, magical element.
We hope when you visit The Toadstool you magically experience the "medicinal" properties of our namesake, leaving with a “mushrooming” sense of physical and mental well-being after a time spent with good friends, and that you’ll return often in our future 2,400 years!

 The Toadstool Pub
327 Waukegan Avenue
Highwood IL 60040

FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND STAFF: we will be open on Wednesday 1/31 from 11 AM until conditions become too extreme.  Please call or message us on social media to see if we will be open.